exhaust extraction



Autoquip can either upgrade your existing exhaust extraction system, modify as required or provide you with a fresh new run around your workshop. We are able to assist our customers in the design and implementation utilising our sister companies G.E.A. trained engineers for installation and after care.


The spring recoil hose reels are one of WORKY’s leading products and are distinguished by the following details: very tough steel powder-painted structure; galvanized extraction inlet measuring 125 and 160 mm in diameter; reinforced rubber flexible hose that can withstand up to 200°C, hose stopper that can be positioned according to the installation height, hose clamps for easily connecting the most suitable nozzle that can be chosen from the wide range available.



WORKY has developed a range of mobile fans for extracting exhaust fumes from the work area without having to provide a permanent installation.

The range consists of 4 versions, each of which corresponds to specific extraction features:

A version for cars, vans, trucks and motorbikes



Sliding fume extraction systems are the most flexible and innovative systems available on the market.

They consist of an aluminium extractor rail on which the sliding elements run :hose-holding trolleys, hose reels, and the innovative touchless arms.

As not all the engines of the vehicles in the workshop will be started at the same time, a pair of sliding elements can cover many work areas by being slided to the required working place. Costs are optimized and extraction takes place where it is really needed.



Underfloor extraction systems are the ideal solution for extracting fumes in working environments in which they do not often occur.

Nevertheless, the almost invisible system and the low cost make an underfloor extraction system a good alternative to overhead systems. The only snag is that an underfloor extraction system has to be installed before the floor is put in.

These types of extraction system have the same high performance as any other system if they are properly designed and all the conditions for efficient and durable operation are met.



The nozzles are the expression of the professionalism and completeness of WORKY’s fume extractionproduct range. The fume extraction device plays a fundamental role because, if it cannot follow the innumerable shapes and positions of the exhaust pipes of vehicles, the entire system will be pointless. The fumes must not be dispersed in the workplace because otherwise it will no longer be possible to extract them and they will pollute the workplace.

The range of WORKY nozzles cater for all needs, in any situation… even at high temperatures. The database that is the fruit of years of experience enables us to suggest the most suitable nozzle each time.



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