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The RS202 is a dual plane (dynamic) electronic balancer built specifically to cater for motorcycle wheels using 16 bit technology. Neat and compact, the unit operates using 'low spin' technology, a method now both ubiquitous and famous throughout the world for motorcycle, car and truck applications. This 'hand spin' operation eliminates the need for expensive motors whilst reducing wear and tear on vital internal parts. The dual plane technology allows wheels as low as 3

  • The RS202 boasts the speediest operation of any motorcycle wheel balancer, due to its simple touch display information input, 7 second spin cycle and 16 bit microprocessor technology. Weight values, accurate to within 1 gram, are shown on a two LED displays (one for each side of the rim), with proximity lights guiding you to the exact location that the weight is to be applied. The excellent merchandising appeal of the RS202, along with its selfcalibration and maintenance-free operation, mean that you can be sure of years of trouble free balancing, satisfied customers and a company profile that shows your commitment to the service of modern motorcycles.

    • Dedicated motorcycle wheel balancer
    • Single and Dual plane balancing
    • 16 Bit Microprocessor
    • Neat and Compact
    • Quick and easy mounting
    • Complete accessory pack
    • 7 second spin cycle
    • Accurate to within 1 gram
    • One year Warranty
    • HxWxD: 1200x900x750mm
    • Electric Supply: 12v/240v


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