The revolutionary tool for garage use

Plug&Play Service

Connect, Start, Go! For the first time, Continental has applied the self-operating principle known from computer technology to garage processes. In doing so, it has created a completely new product category: Plug & Play Service.

This solution simplifies everyday service activities across all manufacturers. Garages can operate more efficiently and the strain is taken off mechanics. This is because complex applications run mostly by themselves.


Works on the following platforms:

Alfa Romeo - Audi - BMW - Citroen - Dacia - Fiat - Ford - Honda - Hyundai - Kia - Lancia - Land Rover - Mazda - Mercedes - Mini - Nissan - Peugeot - Renault - Saab - Seat - Skoda - Vauxhall/Opel - Volvo - VW

All for only

£1200 + VAT


Plug & Select

Instant access to a wide range of vehicle systems with a touch of a button!

Simply connect and choose from a range of relevant Fast-Check service functions without any complications or sources of error. The tester then guides the user on a self-explanatory path through the service process.


Plug & Identify

Service without any detailed manufacturer specific knowledge!

Once the vehicle manufacturer has been selected, the model, year and corresponding controller are identified automatically. The main service applications are covered for all manufacturers and the solution offers user-friendly navigation.


Plug & Fix

The important service tasks for all manufacturers at your fingertips?

The VDO Autodiagnos Check is not cluttered with unnecessary functions. This enables the tool to work quickly and easily to guide the user straight to the relevant tasks for maximum efficiency in service work.



- All EOBD functions available for all makes


- Reset service display (oil, inspection, including BMW CBS)

Brake system

- Open, close & configure electronic parking brakes

- SBC brake service

- Bleed ABS/ESP® hydraulic units

Air conditioning

- Read and clear fault memory

- Read actual values

Tyre pressure monitoring system

- Access to TPMS control units

- Read and clear fault memory

- Read actual values, incl. teaching of sensors


- Battery teaching/configuration processes


- Sensor/actuator teaching process

- Injector/injection valve coding

- Diesel particle filter regeneration


- VAG DSG calibration/teaching program

- Oil change


- Read and clear fault memory

- Read actual values


- Calibrate/teach steering angle sensors

- Calibrate/teach steering end stops


- Large colour display

- Flexible, shielded OBD cable

- Sturdy casing

- Intuitive navigation

- Multi-language

- Built-in battery

- Transport case

- Virtual keyboard

VDO Diagnostics PDF
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