Sealey RJA1800 Trolley Jack 1.8tonne Low Entry Aluminium Rocket Lift

£275.94 inc.Vat | £229.95 ex.VAT

– Made primarily for the motor racing enthusiast, this jack weighs in at just 19kg.
– Utilises many weight-saving techniques such as a skeletal lift arm and alloy load wheels.
– Features Rocket Lift by use of twin pistons, bringing saddle to maximum height in 9 full strokes.
– Lifting bars are fitted either side of the anodised aluminium chassis enabling fast, lightweight pick-up.

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Model No: Sealey RJA1800
Capacity: 1.8tonne
Minimum Saddle Height: 85mm
Maximum Saddle Height: 470mm
Maximum Chassis Height: 150mm
Length: 635mm
Weight: 19kg
Sealey RJA1800
Sealey RJA1800
Sealey RJA1800
Sealey RJA1800

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